Removing and Replacing a Moen Kitchen Faucet Cartridge – Easy Guide for the DIY Handyman

Though Moen plumbing products are well known for their durability and reliability, they are still subject to dripping or leaking, just like any other brands. More often with the Moen brand, the problem is caused by a worn out kitchen faucet cartridge.

If you are having this type of problem and you happen to be a do-it-yourself kind of individual, then you can definitely fix the problem without having to consult a professional. In the process, you will also save money.

Before you start with the fixing procedure though, you have to make sure that you have all the things you need at hand. You don’t want to be half way through and then realize you don’t have the right screwdriver or replacement part available do you?

Okay, so here are the things you need:

– The replacement cartridge of course – this available from your local home improvement shop. Since there are four different Moen fixture parts like this, you need to take the old one with you when you go to the shop so the salesperson can give you the right kind
– A pair of slip-joint or channel lock pliers
– A crescent wrench
– A small flat head screwdriver
– A Phillips screwdriver

How do you remove and replace this part of the fixture? best charlotte plumber

1. Cut off the water supply.
2. Using the flat head screwdriver, remove the cap on the fixture handle
3. Next use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the retaining screw from the handle. Remove the handle.
4. Use the crescent wrench or your pliers to remove the keeper ring.
5. Remove the old cartridge. You may have some difficulty doing this as it is snugly fitted on the fixture so use the small flat head screwdriver to make a little space then use your pliers to pull it straight up.
6. Install the replacement part. The part of the fixture you are replacing has a tooth that goes to a slot on the assembly. This component cannot go in any other way.
7. Replace the keeper ring and then the fixture’s handle and cap.
8. Turn the water supply on.

Some important points when replacing a kitchen faucet cartridge for the Moen brand fixture:

– if some parts are stuck together, use a spray lubricant to get them moving again
– in case you don’t have a small screwdriver, you can improvise and use other tools or other edged rigid metal implements
– you may not have to replace this component on the cold water side as it is only the hot water side that usually ends up having this part damaged or worn out

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Few of the common and widespread plumbing inconveniences in your house.

Find out more on the subject of avoiding a few of the common and widespread plumbing inconveniences in your home. Many plumbing problems may be elude contingent upon the time of season. Chilly fall temperatures serve as a courteous reminder that once winter arrives it may be surprising, often catching proprietors unprepared for winter plumbing inconveniences associated with extreme cold. Look here for valuable plumbing tips to keep your plumbing system running well during winter.

Turn off outdoor water hoses. If it is still connected, water inside the hoses can freeze and expand bringing about spouts and connecting pipes in your house to ice up and break down.

Ensure external taps are not leaking out or pouring out. Contact a plumbing contractor to take care of the crucial fixes before freezing temperatures arrive. Understand that once pipes ice up, water pressure grows and induces cracks – no matter whether pipe is composed of copper, plastic, or steel. Even a very little fracture might generate beyond 250 gallons of water in just one calendar day.

If your house has interior shut-off valves giving rise to outdoor spouts, disconnect them and drain water from lines.

Pad pipes in heat less vicinity, such as crawl or garages spaces. Position heating stripe or thermostat-controlled heat cables all over the pipes that are exposed and vulnerable to freezing.

Your water heater is working even harder at the time of wintertime months. Have a plumbing service professional flush it away and remove deposit buildup, which causes corrosion, shortens the length of life and reduces warming functionality.

Once departing from your residence for extended periods of time, shut off the major water regulator and take the water out by releasing open faucets at the highest and lowest places of the house.

Put into use the above mentioned helpful plumbing info and tips to increase the life span of your plumbing system in the course of wintry weather. It’s recommended to seek professional aid to winterize the plumbing system in your property.

Common plumbing problems.

commonCommon plumbing problems.Plumbing system odors are annoying to say the least, but the worst part is that these are usually a sign of a bigger problem lurking within your plumbing system. If you have any foul odors in your Charlotte home coming for your plumbing fixtures or if you might think that they are, call your Charlotte NC plumber right away to come to your home and service your problem. There are actually several causes of odors that result from your plumbing pipes, let us look at some of the most common and what the problem might be in each case.

First, could there be a buildup of food in your garbage disposal. If the smells are coming from your kitchen sink, this might require a cleaning with ice.. In addition to the accumulation of food itself, the process of chopping your food into tiny little bits could leave behind bacteria that can accumulate and cause a foul odor. You can try to run hot water and fragrant ice cubes down the disposal to see if you can get rid of the smell by yourself. Should this fail, you may need a Charlotte plumber to help clean the disposal.

A crack in the sewer drain pipe of your Charlotte home is one of the most serious causes of home odors. The sewer gasses that escape into your home through the crack can smell like rotten eggs. This is a very unpleasant odor and a problem that should be repaired swiftly. Do not delay, call a plumbing profesional immediately. If the odor is persistent and does not clear from time to time and return, the problem is more than likely to be inside your home. If the smell is occasional, meaning that it will come and then come back from time to time, then the crack is probably below the slab level. It will probably take a camera inspection to locate the exact spot where the crack exists in such a case.

Another possible cause of your home or office plumbing odors is a blockage in your vent pipes. This is the pipe that extends through your roof and allows plumbing gasses to escape into the air. Should this become blocked, by leaves or even something as unusual as a birds nest on your pipe, the vent allows proper air flow through your plumbing system could result in causing the trap seals to some plumbing fixtures to malfunctioning improperly. This in turn would cause gasses to escape through the improperly sealed fixtures and into your Charlotte home.

So here you have a few of the most common reasons for odors that come from your plumbing pipes. There are others, and your Charlotte NC plumbers can help you to understand them upon inspecting your home. It is not recommended that you attempt to repair these types of problems yourself. While there are many different types of plumbing repairs that a person skilled with a few basic tools can undertake successfully, these types of repairs can be complex and you might need the assistance of a professional licensed Charlotte plumbing contractor.

Emergency Charlotte Plumber

Getting the assistance of any emergency plumbers Charlotte company will outright make your life easier and with no difficulty. It is the number one reason why many Charlotte home owners today won’t mind spending some extra money just to get any of their plumbing needs done by professional Charlotte plumber.

There are many reasons why you really need to think of seeking the aid of any Charlotte plumbing service company. You can get the job completed right and avoid undesirable further problems to occur. For example, a simple as a leaking bathroom faucet can and will lead into something serious if you can’t get it fixed by some good Charlotte emergency plumbing. Even if you think that you have the capability to do it yourself, it is not a assurance that you can get it done right.

With the help of Charlotte emergency plumbers, you can guarantee on what they are doing is always right. Are plumbers have the right tools that they can use to do the job with know-how and excellence. Many Charlotte emergency plumbing companies are able to offer you any plumbing service in the best way possible. In finding the once that would work for your needs and with your budget.

In finding good emergency plumbing Charlotte company to help you, So make sure that you got the one that is more trustworthy and responsible when it comes to any of your plumbing needs. You also have to make clear that such a company has a good set of Charlotte emergency plumbers to assist you. There is a great guarantee of better work if the Charlotte plumbers that are working on your repair for you are skilled and accomplished.

There are a lot of Charlotte plumbing companies available today. so, it might really be hard for you to choose the best. Other than having good Charlotte emergency plumbers, they should also have a good name and background screened when it comes to your plumbing work. You need to be certain of the Concord plumbing company that you have to trust. it is crucial that you think about the cost of the money that you’ll be spending.

In getting the assistant of a Charlotte emergency plumbing company, you need to examine your needs and what is in your emergency budget. Remember that a good plumbing company does not depend on their hourly charges are. it is about can they do the plumbing job that you need.


How to Locate The Really Best plumbing Service Contractor.

plumbing problems

A reliable plumbing contractor is resourceful and full of ideas. The contractor you hire should be able to give you or your business ways to improve on your concepts of what the project should look like when completed. With that said, the plumbing repair contractor will be a huge asset to you and your service company. Find out more on how to find a resourceful and valuable contractor from the advice listed below.

Start your search for potential plumbers by obtaining several resumes, this will help you uncover what is important to look for and narrow your list of potential contractors. Any plumbing repair contractor who is not even interested in sending you a resume will not be invested once a project starts.

Make sure you ask the contractors about their priorities while they will be handling your project. If you will that quality is there with high level of customer service, then don’t waste time and hire them. Make sure you don’t come under their cheesy words. You should check the references they have provided you in order to make sure that they are eligible for the work.

Make sure you ask for a list of the workers and plumbers who will be working on your home. This is crucial because you have to make sure who is going to be there, and some projects might include many people in your house at one time.

Know what is expected for your hire. Worker’s compensation is a must if the plumbing contractor is using workers on the job site. But, contractors not using workers are not needed to have workers compensation accounts. These are typically owner-contractors.

Develop preliminary project objectives and budget target before approaching the contractors and see how flexible they are regarding your plan. Flexibility shown and comparative analysis given by the contractors should be taken into considerations as it demonstrates the involvement with your project.

Make clear to your contractor that you expect they will only call you during specified hours. This will set a respectful, professional tone between you and lead to a better working relationship. If your contractor leaves messages for you, be prompt in responding to maintain the professional nature of your working relationship.

References from past clients are the most important pieces of information a potential contractor can offer. It speaks to their reputation, if a contractor does not provide a list of references, consider someone else.

Depending on what state you are in you might need an plumbing contractor with a license. Ask for a license up front and do a search of the license online on the state licensing website. If the search comes up positive then you are set to go but if it was negative you will run into issues.

Tankless water heaters things to consider


The next time you have to replace a water heater — and the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors says conventional heaters have a lifespan of six to 12 years – you may have an option you hadn’t considered before: the tankless water heater.
They are more efficient, but also more expensive than tank-type (storage) heaters. Here are six considerations to see whether tankless is right for you.
1. Energy savings
If you are energy green rather than dollar-bill green, then you probably can stop here. You already know which water heater is for you. In most situations, a tankless water heater uses less energy than a tank-type. They are planet-friendly.
The traditional, tank-type heater, or storage heater, keeps a tank of hot water ready for use. It is always heated; thus it requires energy to keep it constantly hot. A tankless system, sometimes called “on demand,” heats the water as you use it. There is no storage tank to be continuously heated, and therefore, it uses less energy.
It should be noted that gas-fired tankless heaters are much more effective than electric, and in colder climates, for instance, electric won’t heat fast enough to be useful.
2. How much?
Your energy savings, compared to a tank-type heater, depend in part on how much you use. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates energy savings of 24 percent to 34 percent in homes that use little hot water, 40 gallons or less per day. In homes that use more — say, 80 gallons a day — they estimate savings of 8 to 14 percent. That is partly because a tankless system uses less energy when the demand is low. It will blast on high to fill the washing machine and bathtub, but it will fire much lower if you are just washing your hands.
3. Cost
Two factors affect the cost of a hot-water system: the cost of the heater and the cost of installation.
Tankless heaters cost considerably more than storage types — two to three times, or more. A 2012 study by the Center for Energy and Environment in Minneapolis estimated the total cost of installing a tank system in an average home to range between $900 and $1,300; the tankless type ranged from $2,500 to $4,000. A specialist in tankless installations at Plumbing Repair in the Greater Concord NC area said that although the costs just for installation do vary considerably, he also said $2,500 is a round figure — two to three times that of a tank-type water heater installation. He went on to say that’s why 99 percent of their water-heater sales are tank-type.
4. Water temperature
A tankless system has more variables that can drive up the price. One is the cold-water temperature.
While a tank-type heater is measured by the tank capacity — ranging from 20 to 120 gallons — a tankless heater is measured by how fast it can heat the water — for instance, it may be able to raise the temperature of the water by 50 degrees at the flow rate of four gallons per minute. If you live in a warm climate, where tap water is tepid, not as much heat is needed to raise the water temperature to your needs. For instance, if your water comes from the tap at 65 degrees, your heater needs to provide a 55-degree increase to reach the 120-degree setting on a tank-type system (though many people prefer their tanks in the 130-degree range if they have dishwashers).
If you live in a Northern climate where the water comes out of the tap at, maybe, 45 degrees, that heater needs a huge capacity to reach 120 degrees; you might have to pay for the top-end, more expensive heater. And because the colder water uses more energy to reach 120 degrees, the energy savings won’t be as great as in a warmer climate.
5. Installation
Installation costs for tankless heaters can be considerably higher than for tank-type.
Even if you are replacing an existing tank-type gas water heater, installing a tankless system is more complicated than just dropping it into the existing piping and venting. A tankless heater has to provide intense heat on short notice; it sucks a lot of gas, so you likely would have to run a new gas line to provide extra capacity. A tank-style heater is usually fed with 1/2-inch pipe; a tankless heater might need 3/4-inch pipe.
And because of the extra heat, the venting needs to be “Class 3,” a stainless steel pipe that is a higher grade and more expensive than the usual water-heater venting.
“When you pay $30 for a 2-foot section of Class 3 venting, it adds up pretty quickly,” the Aurora Plumbing expert said.
A tankless heater is much smaller than a storage heater, so it is possible that you can relocate the heater closer to its usage points. Instead of waiting two minutes for the hot water to reach the faucet, you may have to wait only seconds. But moving the location could also cost more for piping and ventilation.
6. Cold shower?
Because it heats water as you use it, a tankless system is not going to run out of hot water, as a storage system may do if you are third in line for your morning shower behind two adolescents.
Is tankless right for you?
Are the benefits of tankless water heaters worth the cost?
Both the Minneapolis study and a 2008 Consumer Reports study indicated that even though the tankless system lasts longer than a tank-type — 20 years or so — the energy savings over the longer lifespan still probably would not offset the higher cost of buying and installing one. But they pointed out that there are many variables in installing a tankless system, so in individual cases, it could be cost effective.
Even if the dollars don’t work for you, you may prefer the benefits of an endless supply of hot water and the reduced energy demands. If you are seriously interested in a tankless heater, local plumbing specialists typically know the heating demand for the water temperature in your area. They should be able to analyze your hot-water needs and installation concerns to calculate whether going tankless is right for you.

Save Water This Summer

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Tips That will Save Water, and Money
Water conservation should be a primary concern to all responsible people. Whether for drinking, cleaning, bathing, or gardening, when the warmer weather moves in our water usage usually rises significantly. That’s because there’s a lot of water-related chores and activities associated with the changes in the temperature outside.
Water resources aren’t as abundant as we may think. Sure, the world is mainly covered with oceans and lakes, but most of it isn’t fit for human consumption. Add the fact that major parts of the U.S. have experienced drought conditions for a number of years now and it’s safe to say every drop counts.
That being the case, consider some of the following tips for water conservation around the home this summer.
Home Water Conservation Tips

Yard Water SavingsWater Conservation

Hose: Instead of holding the garden hose and shooting a stream of water across the yard towards vegetation that needs to be fed try using the hose as a means of transporting water to plants. Then aim for the base of plants because that’s where water counts the most. Otherwise, it will fall in areas you do not intend to cultivate.
Drip irrigate: Even if you don’t live in an arid region like Austin, Texas, drip irrigation systems can be used to conserve water and hiring a plumber for installation isn’t necessary. The system consists of rubber tubing with holes that is connected on one end to an exterior spigot while the rest is carefully placed near plants and bushes. When the spigot is turned on small amounts of water exit the holes feeding nearby vegetation.
Morning watering: Feed the yard and garden in the early morning when water won’t evaporate quickly from the sun. Doing so will keep roots healthy throughout the day.
Kitchen Water Savings

Faucet regulator: Install a faucet regulator on your kitchen sink so water will never shoot out at full strength when initially turned on. If needed it could be adjusted for a steadier stream but in general will prevent a lot from flowing down the drain and being wasted.
Washing dishes: If necessary, let dishes soak in a tub to soften leftover crud and turn off water when scrubbing dishes. Only turn on the faucet to rinse.
Reuse: The kitchen presents many opportunities to reuse water for the garden or houseplants Some examples include water from boiling eggs, steaming veggies, and leftover water in the tea kettle.
Bathroom Water Savings

Toilet: Depending on the type of toilet, each pull of the handle can down several gallons of water, so don’t flush just for the sake of getting rid of a dirty tissue. A waste basket is for trash so only flush when necessary.
Brushing teeth: There’s no need to keep the water running when brushing teeth. Like washing dishes turn it on when you need to rinse. When left on the water is simply being wasted down the drain.
Shower: As you wait for the perfect temperature have a bucket handy to catch the first bit of water coming out of the shower head. It can then be reused in the garden, to wash floors, or to flush the toilet. Also, turn the shower off when soaping up and then back on again to rinse off. Doing so shouldn’t be uncomfortable in the warmer weather and can save gallons upon gallons of water.
You can always turn to the professional at Charlotte Plumbing & Repair 1025 W Trade St Charlotte, NC 704-394-5252

How to Locate Water Leaks With Leak Detection

Leaking toilets, leaky pipes,leak detection, drippy faucets and Slab leaks are familiar plumbing emergencies that waste lots of water and millions of dollars in structural destruction. Fast leak detection saves a lot of water as-well-as high-priced repairs of defective ceilings, walls and floors.

Inadequate workmanship or low-grade installation of pipelines may give rise to domestic and industrial plumbing water seepage’s. Plumbing contractors single out leaks on regular plumbing maintenance to faucets, drains, toilets, bathtubs and sinks as a probable explanation for the development of water seepages. Rusted pipes, worn out valves and detached connections are accountable for water seepages.

Roughly 1 in each and every three hundred homes and constructed dwellings is at this moment dealing with water leakage. 1/8″ pit in pipe seeps out 2500 gallons in twenty four hours. A runny toilet can use up too 90,000 gallons in under a month. A drippy faucet or a oozy garden hose can waste close to one hundred and eighty gallons on a monthly basis and 2160 gallons per year.

Water leaks give off symptoms that can’t be ignored. Different water meter readings, sewer gas smells, high water bills, waterlogged patches, recurring sewer backwashes, and fungus are indicators of water seepages inside or outside your home. Taking action on the above mentioned symptoms will be sufficient at reducing water destruction. Switch off the main water supply to the home to stop water seepage. Contact a plumbing service provider for early on leak diagnosis and express repair leak detection.

1 in twenty pools spills water. Swimming pool water leaks are money and water guzzlers. A broken swimming pool shell, loose tiles, strange growth of grass or a loss of 0.125 inches of water in one day are obvious signals for swimming pool water leaks. Don’t delay fixing once those hints emerge. Call a leak detection service provider before additional ruin arises.

Plumbers carry above ground leak detection and underground slab leak detectors (plumbing services)slab leak repair

Common home plumbing problems


Plumbing systems in our homes just like other things does not last forever. They might due to failures in other external systems like being overwhelmed by overgrown tree roots or being broken by foreign objects. The plumbing system might also fail due to aging. Due to these, it is prudent that you learn how to handle some of the most common plumbing failures in your home to remedy the problem fast and to save the cost that you could have incurred if you called a plumber. The following are some of the plumbing problems that you might encounter in your home and how to handle the plumbing repair service.

It may not be easy to see what is going on underground as far as tree roots growth is concerned. It may also be equally difficult to discern just how far the strong roots have reached and what they have damaged under the soil. Tree roots may sometimes find their way into pipe joints thereby causing breakage, leaks or complete blockages in sewerage systems. This may result into overflowing of the sewerage content on the ground which might be very filthy and a potential health hazard. To remedy this, it is advisable to apply chemicals that kill the roots that grow among pipes to prevent them from overwhelming the system in future. If the damage is already done, the only option is doing an overhaul of all the pipes around there, this time applying the chemicals to stop the roots or cutting trees that may be too close your house.

A sewage burst that runs its way into your home is no doubt one of the most nauseating potential plumbing problems. It could be as a result of collapsed sewer or corroding pipes outside your home. Aged sewerage pipes made of brittle materials like asbestos and concrete can disintegrate over time. These may result to scam that flows along the course of least resistance including up through your home drainage line. You are responsible only for the sewer lateral, the line connecting your home to the main sewer line. The main sewer system should be repaired by the city authority. You should dig down to locate the collapsed pipes and fix them if the leakage is minimal.

Sewerage pipes can burst or leak due to numerous reasons. For instance when aging underneath pipes leak, they might be overwhelmed by the pressure of the flowing scam and burst. A pipe that have been squeezed for so long by strong tree roots might reach its maximum resistance level and burst thereby releasing all its filthy content on the ground. Repairing the ruptured pipes involves tearing out the broken area as well as inspecting between floors or walls to establish the origin of the leak. If the burst involves pipes with massive content or pipes in complex places like inside septic tanks, it is wise to contact a plumber to fix the problem once and for all.

Leaking taps are the very common and irritating and can also result to escalating cost of water bills. If it is legal for you to do some plumbing repairs by yourself in your state, the following is what to look out for in regard to leaking taps. You should know that there are three pipe washers that could be triggering the tap to drip abnormally and may be requiring replacement. These washers are; the body washer, the O-ring and the jumper valve. Over-tightening of your tap may eventually cause serious damage to the tap seat which can ultimately make it to leak. To avoid damaging your tap washers, you should only tighten them until the water ceases to flow.

Toilets are the most essential fixtures in businesses premises and homes. There are a number of issues that can crop up in toilets. These problems may be in form of flushing difficulties, a constantly running toilet, leaks and toilet blocks. Majority of toilet issues are caused by age and misuse. These minor problems can be repaired by changing individual components or resealing. A pro-active measure for curbing blockages is by ensuring that small amounts of tissue paper are used and no non-decomposing objects find their way into the toilet system.

Blocked drains are other common problems that make one to call the plumbers in his or her home. There are various reasons drains get blocked. These include; deficient gradient to give the scam momentum to flow, hard objects inside the system, misaligned or collapsed pipes damage by tree roots. Most blocked pipes problems are inherited with the houses when you buy or rent it. Hiring licensed plumbers for repair work will help prevent some looming problems, but problems such as tree root invasion may require your personal removal of trees roots or use of root killers.

Replacement of hot water heaters is another common task for which plumbers get called out for. However, this may be one job that you may not be allow by law to fix yourself and the manufacturer’s guarantee may be of no help to you if you do not have a licensed plumber do the installation. Water heaters should last between 5 and 15 years depending on the type of you buy. The following are some of the signs that suggest that your water heater may need replacement; lower than normal temperature, rust-colored water and moisture around the base of the heater.

For leaking or completely clogged kitchen faucets, the first place to check is the end of the faucet which is called the aerator. Unscrew the aerator and check if there are any solid particles stuck inside it. If the solid particles are present, this is a good sign that there may be an obstruction in your faucet. Test by letting water run without the aerator for a little while and re-fix it. If the faucet still leaks, the fault could be with the washer inside the faucet. If you are not comfortable disintegrating the faucet yourself, contact a licensed plumber for help.

How to find a plumber Finding licensed and qualified plumbers for service and emergency repairs.


Finding a licensed and qualified plumbing company in Charlotte for plumbing service and emergency repairs.
No one wants to hire an inexperienced and unlicensed plumber to do repairs on there home or business. Eventually you are bound to regret in a few days if not hours of hiring their services.

Research on the firms found in your local city is an important place to start. One the best sources of information is former clients and their reviews. They can give important insights on the reputation of company and their professionalism. If one cannot find them then simply log on to the net as most companies have created a presence in an effort to advertise such as ours at our local plumbing company website.

Create a shortlist of viable firms and run them against a list provided by the city authorities in your area. It will help find those contractors who are properly registered and fulfill the city by-laws. Get in touch with all contractors who have passed the test and ask for a quote on the job you need repairs done.
On identification of a firm within budget, get in touch with it and have it draw up an agreement. Agreement should define the duration expected to be done on the works and rates the firm expects to be paid and any fines levied and under what circumstances. It should also stipulate what you as the client is expected to provide in terms of materials.

A contract is then offered which should clearly define the term it is valid for and if there any other chances of renewing it. Study the document carefully and if anything does feel right then do not sign but review it with the company representative. Proof of insurance should also be provided to ensure that any damage to your house hold appliances or structures during work is covered and compensated.

Peace of mind is one of the major benefits of contracting a qualified Charlotte plumbing repair company. They are also available, in most cases, 24 hours a day 7 days a week and should be helpful if you do find yourself in a plumbing pipe emergency at any time. Since they also know all the city by-laws on any amendments and repairs to the drainage system they will ensure you remain on the right side of the law when it comes to improvements and repairs.

A Quality Plumber Inc is a skilled Huntersville NC plumbers and will be able to fix your plumbing problems any day, any time. Call today to take care of all of your plumbing repair needs.