Circulating System Hot Water Heaters in Charlotte

Circulating Hot Water Heater System

Do you wait more than 5 minutes for hot water? Would you like to save water and lower your monthly water bills?

Charlotte Plumbing & Repair has a solution for you. We can install a Hot Water Recirculation Systems that will deliver hot water on demand instantly, while reducing water waste and conserving energy. Recirculating hot water pumps push cold water through your plumbing back into the hot water heater, via the cold water, or dedicated return line, while concurrently bringing you instant hot water to all of your fixtures on demand and in a matter of just seconds. Unlike other hot water recirculation pumps, our plumbers can install pumps that do not allow hot water to get into the cold water line. This will deliver hot water to the furthest fixtures on demand, rather than having to rely on a timer activated system.

If you are looking for water heater that is Instant and on demand, you should contact our plumber technicians to install a Circulating System Hot Water Heater because it will deliver the hot water very fast, and the on demand water heater will only warm the water when you need it. On demand water heaters are also known as “tankless” water heaters and Recirculating hot water pumps are uniquely suited for these applications. Hot water pumps are ideal in tankless water heater situations because will circulate hot water on-demand rather than using a timer. If a recirculation system uses a timing device and runs for hours each day, then it can wear out the heat exchanger on your tankless water heater. Recirculating hot water systems are compatible with tankless water heaters whether they are powered by natural gas, propane, or electric. Circulating System Hot Water Heaters are also compatible with solarwater heating systems.