Expansion Tanks, Installation and Replacement in Charlotte

Expansion Tank Installation

Expansion tanks are used to provide a safe place for expanded water to go. Most water meters are installed with backflow prevention devices that create a closed system. Pipes in your home may burst unless there is a place for this expanded water to go.

Just about every modern plumbing code requires the installation of an expansion tank with hot water heater installations. This reason is very simple. Water expands when it is heated and this extra volume of water needs to go somewhere. Before the usage of backflow preventers, pressure reducing valves and check valves, this expanded water basically pushed the cold water back into the city water main. If your house has one of the above mentioned devices, you could have problems. These devices prohibit the flow of water from your house back into the public water system.

By not having an expansion tank, the expanding water will cause your hot water heater to fail because of the increased pressure. This pressure can possibly cause serious life threatening problems as well if your water is heated by natural gas or propane. The water heater tank could collapse around the internal flue and cause carbon monoxide to enter your home. This is serious business.

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